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International Order of Payment

We accept International Order of Payment, made by the own buyer abroad (brazilians or foreigners, non-residents in Brazil), in Western Union agencies.


All the expenses with the rates of the International Order of Payment are exclusively of the buyer, denominated remittent for Western Union.

The shipping to abroad happens until 48 hours after our confirmation of the payment by the buyer.

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Necklace (STL111)
Fashion Jewel
Style Collection
Code : STL111
Handcrafted Necklace
Color : brass, magenta (or fuchsia), gold and pink
Material : bead (plastic), thread (fishing thread) and metal
  • Price : $ 4.54
  • New Price : $ 3.40
Scarf (ECH106)
Écharpes Collection
Code : ECH106
Handcrafted Scarf
Color : white and black
Material : thread (crocheting thread)
  • Price : $ 30.56
  • New Price : $ 22.92