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Brincos - Argolas (BDO414)
Boucles de Oreille Collection
Code : BDO414
Earrings - Rings

  • Price : $ 1.94
  • New Price : $ 1.45
Brincos (BDO428)
Boucles de Oreille Collection
Code : BDO428
Silver and green

Ceramic, bead, metal and rhinestone
  • Price : $ 3.57
  • New Price : $ 2.67

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Definition :
Delicate object worn as an adornment on the ear lobe or lobule (located in the lower region of the ear) and in some cultures, the earring is also worn in the nose (nostrils - holes in the nasal cavity) : for example, in India.
Segments and kinds of earrings :
– fashion jewel : uses materials with low commercial value in the making (beads, fabrics, fibers, metals and seeds);
– plated : made with common metal and a covering / plating (gold, silver or rhodium) that can contain some kind of enamel or gemstone inlay (semi-precious stone or common stone);
– jewelry : made with gold or silver that can contain some kind of covering / plating (gold, platinum, silver or rhodium), enamel or gemstone inlay (precious stone or semi-precious stone).
Others :
– Double or triple earring;
– Earring worn in the upper region of the ear (helix);
– Pressure earring : earring worn by people who don't have pierced ears, etc.

Author : Rose Bijoux.

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