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At present, we aren't offering courses in person to making of fashion jewelry, but if you're a beginner wanting to learn how to make fashion jewelry, we're teaching some handicraft techniques and tutorials online, in our website.

1. Handicraft Techniques

2. How to Make (Tutorials)

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Earrings (BDO425)
Fashion Jewel
Boucles de Oreille Collection
Code : BDO425
Handcrafted Earrings
Color : brass and green
Material : bead (plastic), metal and bronze powder
  • Price : $ 3.24
  • New Price : $ 2.43
Belt (CEI102)
Ceintures Collection
Code : CEI102
Handcrafted Belt
Color : blue and silver
Material : plastic and metal
  • Price : $ 9.75
  • New Price : $ 7.31