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How to keep the accessories and fashion jewelry in good conditions

Conservation :
1. Keep accessories and fashion jewelry correctly. Use a jewelry box or cover a box with flannel or velvet. Wrap each piece in a plastic bag or soft fabric to prevent scratches caused by friction;
2. Avoid applying undue effort in order to stretch or twist the fashion jewel and also avoid the sudden movements;
3. Wait a few minutes before putting the fashion jewel after using cosmetics and perfumes;
4. Avoid direct contact with cleaning products and chemicals;
5. Remove the fashion jewel when taking a shower;
6. Avoid direct contact with sand and abrasives;
7. Remove the fashion jewel when swimming or diving in the sea;
8. Avoid prolonged contact with sweat from the body;
9. Use only a dry flannel for cleaning;
10. Do not soak in soapy water.

Author : Rose Bijoux.

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