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Presilha de Cabelo (BAR123)
Barrettes Collection
Code : BAR123
Gray and green

Metal and rhinestone
  • Price : $ 3.24
  • New Price : $ 2.43

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– BAR123

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Definition :
Metallic object worn as an adornment to tie or fasten the hair (hairstyle).
Segments and kinds of barrettes :
– fashion jewel : uses materials with low commercial value in the making (beads, fabrics, fibers, metals and seeds);
– plated : made with common metal and a covering / plating (gold, silver or rhodium) that can contain some kind of enamel or gemstone inlay (semi-precious stone or common stone);
– jewelry : made with gold or silver that can contain some kind of covering / plating (gold, platinum, silver or rhodium), enamel or gemstone inlay (precious stone or semi-precious stone).

Author : Rose Bijoux.

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