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The Rose Bijoux works since 01/03/2000 exclusively on Internet and only through this website, , offering convenience and security (24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days or 366 days per year) for your customers and friends in their purchases online and a huge variety of handcrafted fashion jewelry and accessories.

Handcrafted production : some items are exclusive, there's only one unit in stock or limited editions.

Message: Feel unique, beautiful and pretty, using a handmade and exclusive fashion jewel or accessory by Rose Bijoux ! Because all the girls deserve to be princesses and all the women deserve to be queens, everyday.

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Earrings (BDO420)
Fashion Jewel
Boucles de Oreille Collection
Code : BDO420
Color : brass and yellow
Material : bead (acrylic), faceted bead (acrylic), metal and rhinestone (acrylic)
  • Price : $ 2.59
  • New Price : $ 1.94
Handkerchief (FOU102)
Foulards Collection
Code : FOU102
Handcrafted Handkerchief
Color : blue, white, azure, orange, olive, gold, pink and violet (or purple)
Material : thread (sewing thread) and fabric
  • Price : $ 12.35
  • New Price : $ 9.26