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The fashion jewelry and accessories Rose Bijoux are handcrafted and different, exclusive Brazilian craftwork products, for all ages, occasions and styles of people, following the fashion colors and tendencies, without forgetting the classic and traditional ones.

There are several kinds of handcrafted fashion jewelry (anklets, bangles, bracelets, brooches, chains, collars, cords, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings and sets) and accessories (bags, barrettes, belts, cell phone pendants, decoration, handicraft, handkerchiefs, headbands, jewelry pouches, key rings, pouches and scarves) available in the website Rose Bijoux on retail or wholesale. Consult the section "About Us" inside the "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions) for more information.

Handcrafted production : some items are exclusive, there's only one unit in stock or limited editions.

Materials used in the handiwork :
– acrylic : acrylic beads and faceted beads;
– glass : beads, bugle beads, glass faceted beads, murano (glass bead / lampwork), porcelain, seed beads and strass (glass rhinestones);
– handcrafted molding : biscuit (cold porcelain) and polymer clay;
– handcrafted weaving : macrame;
– naturals : bamboo, coconut, fibers, golden grass (native plant of Tocantins / Brazil), jarina (vegetable ivory of Amazon / Brazil), mother of pearls, seeds, stones and wood;
– plastic : synthetic beads, faceted beads and pearls.
– others : ceramic, chains, cloisonnés, common metal or plated with 18k gold and 950 silver, fabrics, felt, original faceted bead (Swarovski faceted bead), original strass - glass rhinestones (Swarovski strass - glass rhinestones), synthetic leather and threads.

Beyond handcrafted products, our website contains articles related to entrepreneurship, fashion and handicraft, online courses and tutorials (how to make) and useful information for day by day.

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Definition :

Fashion Jewel
It's a delicate object made for ornamentation or decoration; piece imitating a jewel.
Alternative spelling : costume jewel, fancy jewel, imitation jewel.
Translation : french = bijouterie de fantaisie; german = modeschmuck; italian = bigiotteria; portuguese (Brazil) = bijuteria, bijouteria or biju (plural : bijuterias, bijouterias or bijus); portuguese (Portugal) = bijutaria; spanish = bisutería.
Collar (MOD178)
Fashion Jewel
La Mode Collection
Code : MOD178
Handcrafted Collar
Color : brass and brown
Material : bead (acrylic), chain, thread (fishing thread) and metal
  • Price : $ 5.84
  • New Price : $ 4.38
Hair Band (DDM102)
Diadèmes Collection
Code : DDM102
Handcrafted Hair Band
Color : yellow, beige, white, orange, brown and black
Material : thread (sewing thread) and fabric
  • Price : $ 11.05
  • New Price : $ 8.29